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Insignia - S.J. Kincaid

I really enjoyed this book. Its more or less about the near future where intergalactic war has ravaged the world. Scared of ruining the earth battles are not fought in space by modified humans called Solar combatants. Tom is just an ordinary kid with a dad with a gambling addiction who opposis the goverments every move. He moves from place to place never having a home but when he is recruted to join the combatants and finds out he has the ability to communicate with any device. Who will he join? who are friends are who are foes? And what is the truth behind the war. Find out in this thrilling adventure.


I loved this book but that may just be because Im a huge sci fi nerd. The plot was intresting and it took up a good lot of time. It combined elements of mystery and actions to create a great heart pounding novel with a great amount of emotional material too. The second and third books just get better. So all in all five stars from me.