Books ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Here is my blog :3 I have no idea whats gunna be here but i might review books or something i really dont know

Famous Quotes:

Wow i cant wait to write a review on Bork Licks -Orion

whats the diffrence between an apple and a baby? I havent ate an apple today -Jack

Slap him harder-Avaree

Im not racist i have opinions -Nana

No please I can explain -Max.W

Black coffee is gross you have to white creamer to make it good -Orion

Apples kill you -Amit

Its not what it looks like -Max.w

No dont tell camille -Max.w


It wes a bat tu herd four me tu reed

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon - Tracey West

Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon - Tracey West 

Sum of teh wurds ware herd tu reed byut eet waz gud


Im kidding i read it in second grade and i need books on my shelf :3